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Practice Management System

Electronic medical records, patient scheduling and medical billing systems

MDPLUS.NET medical software allows practices and healthcare providers to easily manage patient care. Features include electronic medical records, appointment scheduling, billing systems, claims processing and e-prescribing. Customizable medical templates and internet patient portal modules are available.

Integrated workflows will automate and improve the user experience, starting with onsite scheduling and front desk operations to back office billing and maintenance. The built-in messaging feature allows practices to communicate with their medical staff in real time.

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Web Game Development Tools

Babylon.js real-time 3D game development and virtual reality tooling

The Unity Exporter host a set of tools designed to provide a small subset of native game editor features to export scene content files. You can create your games using a design time script component based architecture.

The Scene Manager extension provides runtime life cycle management for game objects. The extension supports a scene component application programming interface to enable the usage of modern game mechanics to ease web game development and provide a native game editor style development experience.

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